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The TIM Auto Club
The TIM Auto Club is a benefit program provided at no charge to customers of TIM Dealers who agree to participate in our Tire Inflation Maintenance program. TIM Auto Club members enjoy FREE Roadside Assistance, Towing and other benefits, should they experience a flat tire or tire failure, as well as other exchange for their commitment to keep their tires properly inflated.
Once registered, you will enjoy:
24 Hour Emergency Towing Service 24 Hour Emergency Towing*:
Your vehicle may be towed to the destination of your choice.
24 Hour Emergency Road Service 24 Hour Emergency Roadside Assistance*:
You are covered for emergency road service throughout the U.S. and Canada.
Tire Change 24 Hour Tire Change*:
We will cover the costs of replacing your flat tire with your good spare.
Trip Routing Service Trip Routing Service:
We will, at no charge, produce full color, wire bound trip routings for members' road trips including turn by turn directions, enhanced mapping for metropolitan areas, points of interest and fun games.
Trip Interruption Coverage Trip Interruption Coverage:
You are entitled up to $300 in reimbursements for meals, lodging and transportation charges when you are involved in a collision away from home.
Travel Benefits Travel Benefits and Discounts:
Members receive unbeatable travel pricing on hotels, airfare and rental cars.
*For flat tires or covered tire related issues. Complete details provided upon registration.
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